In shamanic terms, life is a magical journey through an infinite universe of energy. When we have high energy, our experience of life is joy, love, abundance, creativity, friendship and good health.

When our energy is low, our experience of life is fear, loneliness, scarcity, being bored, and illness. In order to change our lives we need excess energy to devote to our healing.

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Unfortunately, in our usual state of being, the energy we have at our disposal exactly
matches the energy we need to keep our life ticking over - we have none to spare for our growth and evolution.

This is where a shamanic healer can help. I am skilled in helping people generate excess energy. This happens through many approaches:

Acquiring “good” practices,
Erasing “bad” habits,
Learning the principles of healthy living,
Learning to take responsibility,
Making your life a magical adventure,
Embarking on a healing journey,
Creating a life path that resonates with your Heart,
Opening up an integral relationship with the Spiritual Warrior that lives within.

If you are ‘ill’ whether physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually, shamanic healing can help. I believe that most ‘illness’ is the means through which we attain the next level of our evolution. By engaging in the process of our ‘illness’, all the conditions and guidance will be provided to evolve into the next stage of our lives. It is a bit scary, and lots of trust is needed.

The Shamanic explanation of ‘illness’ concerns the health of our spirits. Our spirits are very vulnerable, and they can easily be damaged if they are not suitably protected. Throughout our early lives we all repeatedly undergo experiences that we cannot handle, where we are subjected to overwhelming conditions called trauma. Some examples of trauma are: physical trauma such as a car crash, emotional trauma such as the death of a parent, or repeated sexual abuse. Simply by being repeatedly criticized or being ‘not good enough’ is enough to cause lasting damage.

In these impossible situations something has to give. The parts of our spirits that are experiencing an untenable position simply split off from the integrated whole, and try to escape from the pain, or confusion. The result is that these parts of ourselves, still holding the consciousness of the stage in our development in which they split off and hid, are lost and are in a state of perpetual torment. They are lost and lonely, very frightened, and are experiencing the terrible pain of separation from love and belonging.

The intent of the shamanic healer is to help the client find the lost parts of their spirit. These parts usually split off in childhood, and they retain the consciousness which they had at the time of the trauma. Their development has stopped, frozen in time, and they need to be related to in the way one would communicate with a frightened, suspicious child of that particular age. I call them the lost children. My skill is helping people create the conditions inside themselves to facilitate the return of their lost children. This is not as easy as it sounds. The loss of the person’s spirit has resulted in the creation of wounded patterns of behavior since the original trauma. These patterns have a life of their own. Still, if the intent of the client is strong and true, and if he or she is prepared to journey through those traumatic places that produced the spirit-loss in the first place, there is every chance of success.

I can facilitate this for others. From the feedback I have had from friends, clients, and from my own observations, I have helped in the process of changing other people’s lives for the better. For some people our healing relationship is a long-term thing, but for most it is as if we share a portion of the path together for a while, and then we part. At present I am making myself available to enter people’s lives, to lend some of my energy and skills to their healing and integrative process.

I could be described as a “companion through the healing realms”. I will accompany you through your process of healing, and apply my knowledge in facilitating each stage as it arises. I can help alleviate your nervousness, keep reminding you to love, breathe and trust, keep you moving through challenging situations, apply my intuition to yours in understanding guidance, and help generate some much-needed humor!

I work with ceremony, both for creating a suitable sacred space for healing work, and for calling in the appropriate beings to help with the healing journey. I will follow the client as well as I can into the various places they would like healing. A lot of this sort of healing work is spontaneous and in the moment. I follow no tradition, but use techniques from many traditions if they work for me. My healing practice is always growing, changing, developing. I work particularly with truth and the power of the word. Whatever one utters in a ceremonial, healing environment will happen. I am also a great believer in humor, and lightening up our perception of the world.

The general principle I work with is that if you shine a bright enough light into the darkness, all sorts of things will be revealed. By getting to know the client and by building a relationship of respect and love, the “lost child” will reveal itself and will usually offer a trail of clues leading to its final integration. By remaining open and loving, alert to guidance, the optimum conditions are created for the return and integration of the lost children. For a description of the return of one of my lost children, see “Little Girl in the Brown Dress” in the Author section of this web site.

My healing practice has two main approaches:
1) Healing work on the immediate issue: this is a short-term process dealing with distressing symptoms, and the return of one particular lost child;
2) Helping the client create a healthier, higher energy lifestyle: this is a long-term process involving regular spiritual practice, developing healthy habits, eliminating unhealthy ones, and continued work on finding and integrating lost children. There are lots of them out there!

The conditions of my involvement in a client’s healing are:

  • The client understands and develops the attitude that healing is a journey the client embarks upon, not a procedure the healer performs;
  • No sexual relationship between healer and client;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Harmlessness (No violence whether physical or energetic) between healer and client;
  • The client develops a positive attitude;
  • The client gives the healer’s suggestions and advice a good trial;
  • The client agrees to initiate and observe a daily spiritual practice.

If you are moved by what I have written here, please get in touch. We will discuss the issue and if you are still inspired, we will arrange to meet. I look forward to journeying with you.

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