Sacred Space is the name of my business.

I am learning to perceive the World with the eyes of the Shaman.

I entered the world of the shaman in 1974. Shamanism is the vehicle that carries me towards my life’s dream:

the creation and manifestation of
the Sacred in the World.

I believe that all of us have the possibility of creating the world of our dreams.

Our outer world will be affected to a certain extent by the culture and conditions of our birth; our inner world is ours to rearrange and develop as we wish. Once we discover this exciting and empowering truth, we realise we have a choice of how to live, where to focus our thoughts and energies, and what our creations will be.

The world we create is a direct result of the beliefs we nurture, the choices we make, our level of awareness, and the effort we make in manifesting our dreams.

The Native American people call this process Finding our Path with Heart. Once we learn to manifest those dreams that resonate with the highest aspirations of our hearts, then Heaven will truly be incarnate on Earth.

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