Welcome to my website! I hope you will enjoy exploring, with me, the subjects and activities I hold most dear. If I were to put in simple terms what I do, I would say that I am a creator of sacred space. This means I intend through my thoughts, words and actions to influence this world in ways that enhance beauty, truth, love and matters of the Spirit. My dream is to create spaces in this world, whether physical, emotional or mental, which resonate with, and radiate the sacred. I will not rest until the world we all share becomes a world of love and laughter, of abundance and wholeness, of respect and of health. I don’t have a separate public and a private life - this website is me. What you see here is the magical Ivan (warts ’n all) that interfaces with the world at large.
Rainbow Warrior

Life has given me many blessings, and I am deeply grateful for simply being alive. Anything else is a bonus! My experience of life has been a varied mixture of pleasure and pain, light and darkness, good and evil. The duality of it all is a price I willingly pay in order to be part of an ongoing, evolving existence. The skills I have developed throughout my life I now offer in service to others and to this wonderful planet. I am excited to see that the joy I now feel in my everyday life is so much greater than only a couple of years ago, and my aliveness is rapidly increasing. My heart is constantly opening as I take more risks in exposing my inner self, and the love I receive from those around me makes it all worthwhile. I can only conclude that the way of life that I have consciously chosen is bearing fruits – fruits of consciousness, for these are the only true lasting and worthwhile gifts there are.

My life is grounding and my roots are growing deeper than ever before in this lifetime. I own (!) my own land; my house is now weatherproof and toasty warm, even if it is -21 degrees Fahrenheit tonight. My wife, Fearn, is out with friends, the cat is happy and the stars are so incredibly bright… Sirius is twinkling directly outside the sliding glass doors and I feel pleased at locating its rising point, a little to the left of a mountaintop to the southeast. My next observation is to check what date the sun rises in the same position… I estimate it will be around Imbolc (Feb 1). We will see. A stone of our future stone circle will align with that auspicious point on the horizon. The land Fearn and I share is so beautiful, and is hosting many workshops, events, and trainings.

In October Fearn and I were handfasted surrounded by the forest, bedecked in its fall foliage – flaming reds, golds and oranges, framed in browns and greens. Our community – near and far – came to celebrate our union and we were blessed to have Ken Bailey, an OBOD Druid and dear friend, and Suzanne Mancanelli, magical person and delicious neighbor, to officiate.

Despite any residual fears this day was a blessed adventure for me, and I spent it, dressed in my finery (traditional Scottish clothes) in total bliss. I was able to retain my composure, even when stripping off and plunging into the pond to deliver the gold ring to the spirit of the land deep below the water’s surface…

As I become increasingly incarnate on this Earth, so does my instinctual resistance grow, and this in turn triggers my fears. When my fears arise I face and dance with them, inviting the lords and ladies of humor and laughter to be present. As I face my fears, I become free. Isn’t life wonderful?

I have recently reread the prophecy of the Rainbow Warriors. Apparently, after a long period of suffering and disempowerment, a new light will come from the East, and the Native Americans will once again begin to find their strength, their pride and their wisdom (I understand this to include magical children everywhere, whether ‘external’ aboriginal peoples, or the inner magical children that inhabit all humans). The legend says that they will also be joined by many of their light-skinned brothers and sisters, who are in fact the reincarnate souls of the Native Americans who were killed or enslaved by the first light-skinned settlers. It is said that the souls of these first people will return in bodies of all different colors: red, white, yellow and black. Together and united, like the colors of the rainbow, these people will teach all of the peoples of the world how to have love and reverence for Mother Earth, of whose very stuff we human beings are also made.

Under the symbol of the rainbow, all of the races and all of the religions of the world will band together to spread the great wisdom of living in harmony with one another and with all the creations of the Earth. Those who teach this way will come to be known as “the Warriors of the Rainbow”. Although they are warriors, they will carry with them the spirits of the ancestors - they will carry the light of knowledge in their heads and love in their hearts, and they will do no harm to any other living thing. The legend says that, after a great struggle, using only the force of peace, these Warriors of the Rainbow will finally bring an end to the destruction and desecration of Mother Earth and that peace and plenty will then reign through a long, joyous and peaceful golden age.

Well, the time is now. The Christians talk about the Apocalypse as being ‘sometime’ in the future, and we have all felt it approaching. The Hopi Indians and many other cultures around the world are urgently attempting to catch our attention: the time is NOW, and WE are the people we have been waiting for!

It is up to every single one of us to go to the place on the Earth’s surface (or below) where we feel to be, to be where we have been guided, to take up our positions, to do what we need to do, with the people we need to be doing it with. There is no more time left; NOW it is time to be, and do, what we have been talking about for years. We must walk our talk. Now is the time to make the conscious choice - between becoming the people we have dreamed about for years – or not, choosing by default to be part of the collective unconsciousness that is suffocating the world.

And – here’s a word of cheer. We DO NOT have to be perfect! This is not about performing. It is all about keeping our hearts open while the shit’s hitting the fan! This is our challenge: remain in the Here and Now, with love, and we will save ourselves, the World, and All Beings.

The intent of this web site is to be a beacon in these troubled times, radiating light and hope out into the universe. I want to reassure you that the secret is where it has been since the beginning of time – in the heart. It hasn’t changed, left, or even taken a holiday! Babaji, a great teacher of mine, once said “All you need to remember is Truth, Simplicity and Love.”

I say: Let every moment of your life be precious: treat it as if it were your last. Let your life be motivated by love, and the manifestation of the highest possible outcome.

The affirmation of the 2012 Spiritual Warrior is simply this:

“I am awake, my heart is open, and I am a
Spiritual Warrior.”

May it be so!

I offer my skills to people like yourself, and invite you to come out and play! In the time I have left on this wonderful planet, I would like to touch, and be touched by, an expanding number of souls. I want to make a difference in humanity’s – and ultimately this wonderful world’s - evolution. I would like to share the many secrets and tools I have either been shown by my teachers, or have discovered and developed myself, in order that people may transform themselves into free souls, and become empowered Caretakers of the Earth. A secret I have recently learned is that there is an infinite amount of energy in the universe. There is not only enough, but an abundance of energy, and it is ours to play with as we wish. I hope that this web site will attract this infinite abundance so that we can all play more, find our freedom, live in peace, and create the reality our hearts yearn for. May all beings be happy!

I wish you a magical journey through my reality. Welcome!