I am a healer and use my shamanic skills to facilitate change in others. I do not “heal” my clients as such: I create the optimum sacred and healing space in which my clients are able to heal themselves. This is a very important principle in the shamanic realities: we must all learn to create the right conditions to heal ourselves. If you find yourself drawn to this web site, perhaps you would like to embark on a healing adventure with me.
Spring of Eternal Youth, Iona
  You may be in distress, wanting healing and relief from your symptoms. You may be in radiant health, yet desiring to uncover and develop the next level of your evolving nature.

Although I act as a “curer” (one who relieves symptoms), and will do so in an emergency, my real skill is as a “healer” - one who helps people gain the energy needed to evolve as human beings.

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