Geomancy is the science of communicating, and consciously working with, the Spirit of the Land. The health of the land directly affects everyone and everything. In fact we are the land, albeit a “portable” bit. It follows, therefore, that if the land is healthy and fully alive, everything on, about, and over the land will be happy and healthy. That includes us.

Since the beginnings of time there have been individuals who have trained and acquired skills in caring for the land.
  They monitor its health in their “territory”, and take responsibility for undertaking any remedial work, or “healing”, that might be necessary. Often they are unpaid and unacknowledged, yet faithfully perform their work throughout their lives.  

Their work may be to neutralise a negative “black” stream by the use of earth acupuncture, to relocate a lost Nature Spirit, or to erect a standing stone to redirect a leyline. Or simply to leave some water during droughts for the small animals.

The massive currents of energy that move through the landscape are called, in this culture, Dragons. By learning how to interact with dragons, the Geomancer directs these energies to wherever they are needed.

It is often not appreciated that Nature is as responsive as any human. The earth can “get ill”, become sad, hurt, lonely, or simply be “off color”. The land delights in its interactions with people, especially with those who know and consciously interact with it. If one simply appreciates the beauty of a landscape, helps something to grow, plays a musical instrument or dances spontaneously in nature, the landscape will respond, and “smile”. By intuiting the land’s moods, and acting accordingly, one can interact with, and balance the needs of our world.

In this section of my website, I offer three very different examples of working consciously with dragons, with the intent of honoring, healing and bringing the land alive in wonderful ways.

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