Druidry is the traditional spirituality of these lands and of the Celtic lands which include England (sometimes disputed), Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Cornwall, Brittany and the Isle of Man. Druids are both men and women who are interested in discovering the sacred through the magic and mysteries of nature. There are many - some say infinite - interweaving interconnecting realities of existence and the Druid is committed to understanding, connecting and skillfully working with them for the good of his king/queen, his Land, his community, and all beings. Ancient OakAncient Oak

A Druid is surrendered to the power that rules his fate, and is under guidance. In a very real way, his life is not his own, and he awaits “instructions” for what he has to do, and where he has to go, in any stage of his life. He is usually given projects to fulfill, either by other members of his Order, or by Spirit itself. As he completes these projects, so he progresses through life.

Druids are particularly drawn to the magic of trees, stones and stars. What an adventure!

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