As long as I can remember, I have attempted to get clear about life, the universe and everything. At some point along the way I started to communicate my experiences and realisations to others. It is something I feel is important, and I am trying my best to learn this skill. I am the author of a book, a booklet, and various articles published in magazines. I have about another six books in the pipeline, and hope to publish them in the future.As I struggle along the honourable path of the Wordsmith, I realise that it is actually getting better all the time.  
Goddess Maya
  I wonder if I will improve to my satisfaction before I get so old it doesn’t matter any more? Hmm. In this section of my website, I offer some information about my present and future publications. Explore the suns in the sky above!

In desperation I asked a tree
Who was the person I call me.
It said “My dear, for what it’s worth,
You’re a bridge ‘tween Sky and Earth”. (Ivan)